Hey guys, I'm James. I like to think I'm funny, quirky and let's just say a chip off the old block - unfortunately, let's just blame my parents for causing this! Please feel free to follow me or even ask me a question - I'd love to answer anything you have to ask or even simply talk to you.

Okay, a bit more about me: (this blog is supposed to be about 'everything fun' however, I guess I only really promise you 'a little bit' so I can bore you with a bit about me) I'm a Whovian, Oncer, Science geek, Christian (but hopefully not one of those Christians Tumblr hates, I am very proud of my faith so I guess this isn't exactly something I'm going to hide however for my Christian blog visit thelordisone.tumblr.com) and let's just say all round AMAZING (joking). I hope you enjoy my blog, if you want to talk I will try and reply ASAP however, I'm sorry if I'm not the fastest replier in the world.

Below are a couple of blogs that a few of my friends and even my queen ♛ have set up so please check those out! :D
  • I’ve signed the petition calling on the government to take a simple step towards fighting blood cancer #SaveALifeAt16 http://thndr.it/1to1zH2

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  • "I already saw that on Tumblr."